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Introducing our Learning Design Graduate Program

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At Guroo Learning, we want to help organisations and learners reach their full potential through learning. We combine our learning design expertise with our transformative technology products to create learning solutions that drive real behaviour change.

Join our Learning Design Graduate Program to start your career in learning design with a structured 12-month program which will give you experience in scoping, designing, and developing learning for a wide range of organisations and learners.

assessIcon_blogWhat is Learning Design?

Learning design, sometimes called instructional design, is the practice of designing, developing and delivering learning experiences. These learning experiences can include face-to-face or virtual learning, eLearning, coaching, practice, on-the-job learning and a great learning program is often a combination of a number of different learning modes.

Learning designers work inside many organisations, such as schools, universities, and corporations, or they can work in companies like Guroo Producer, who specialise in creating learning for other organisations.

At Guroo Producer, we design learning for universities, including undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, microcredentials and executive education programs. We work with corporate clients, to understand what they need for their learners and their organisation, and then translate this into engaging adaptive learning that is learner-focused and helps organisations meet their desired outcomes.


GurooMinion_IconAbout Us

Guroo Learning was founded in 2016, and since then we’ve grown from a team of three to a team of over twenty. We have a passionate team of technical experts focused on our suite of software products, and our learning solutions team who work together to create transformative programs for our customers and their learners.

Our learning designers come from all different degree and career backgrounds, including teaching, arts, communications, journalism, business and IT.

The Guroo Pro Authoring tool is the foundation of all the learning we create, and our learning designers use it every day. Built with adaptive learning in mind, it is easy to create eLearning that is engaging and consistent across organisations. To support our customers, we have the Learning Canvas, a scoping tool to ensure that their learning focuses on solving the right problems.

In 2020, we launched Academy, a next-generation learning platform that transfers learning into performance outcomes. With a focus on work-integration, action learning and coaching, Academy is the next step for all organisations to achieve workplace change through learning.

We've just launched our new product, Analytics, which will help our customers get data and insights from every level of their learning, giving them the information that they need to support their learners and make the right decisions for their business.

We partner with our customers in a few ways – from providing customer support for those who are using our software products themselves, to designing and developing learning programs that are complete and ready for our customers to provide to their learners.


designIcon_blogAbout the Program

This is a structured 12-month program where you’ll build your capability across a number of key areas of learning design:

  • Learning Technologies: Learn to use a variety of learning technologies, including the Learning Canvas, Author, Academy, and external options.

  • Design and Develop Learning: Design and develop learning programs, including self-paced, blended, and action learning journeys.

  • Visual Design: Apply visual design techniques to create learning that looks beautiful and reflects the customer brand.

  • Client Management: Build and maintain a long term, trusting partnership between Guroo Learning and the client. 

  • Scope Learning Solutions: Help customers identify their learning needs and identify solutions to solve business problems. 

  • Video and Animation: Manage the animation process, and design and shoot basic video.

  • Data Driven Learning: Use data to create more effective learning experiences, and be able to measure the impact of learning. 


  • Customer Success: Maintain relationships throughout the customer lifecycle, including onboarding, training, and retention.

If you’re interested in other parts of the business, we offer some elective skills:

  • Marketing: Build brand awareness of Guroo Learning and help grow our community and customer base.

  • Product Development: Provide input into the Guroo Learning product roadmap and improve our product offerings.

Throughout the program you’ll gain experience in developing solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing organisations today:

  • Upskilling and reskilling employees for the jobs of the future to remain competitive in the changing business environment.

  • Bringing operational excellence to life by delivering learning at the speed of work, and change.

  • Supporting business transformation through action-based, data-driven learning. 

  • Enable strategic initiatives and change with meaningful practice and right-time learning journeys.

  • Empower differentiated customer experiences by driving behaviour change at the frontline.

  • Managing risk and regulatory demands through personalised, engaging and measurable learning.

You’ll work with our customers across industries including:

  • Higher Education

  • Health and Care

  • Government

  • Retail

  • Energy and Resources

  • Finance and Insurance

GurooCaring_IconWhy Choose Guroo Learning?

We’re a small (but growing) and friendly company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, with interesting and diverse clients. In your 12-months with us you’ll be able to build a wide range of skills to prepare you either for a permanent position with us, or to create amazing learning for learners elsewhere. 

The benefits of the program include:

  • Learning in a practical environment with a structured program

  • A culture of continuous learning

  • Being a part of a growing company

  • Gaining experience with a wide variety of clients and projects

  • An agile and dynamic work environment

  • Exposure to a range of aspects and dimensions within the organisation

  • Development of highly transferable skills to set you up for success in the industry

  • Real responsibilities and opportunities

  • Positive and transparent workplace culture

  • Continual coaching and mentoring, plus a strong support network


personIcon_blogAbout You

The program is open to recent graduates or those who want a change of direction and are considering learning design as a career.

You don’t need to know anything about learning design – that’s what we’re here for! 

We’re looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Love writing, and have a creative and engaging writing style

  • Able to tailor your writing to different learner audiences

  • Able to research and understand subject matter from all disciplines and topics

  • Analytical with the ability to read data and use it to inform your work 

  • Enjoy working collaboratively and iteratively

  • Able to work autonomously, self-manage your time and work to deadlines

  • Be able to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues

  • Have a keen eye for detail

  • Have unrestricted working rights in Australia


publishIcon_blogHow to Apply

Write a letter (2 A4 pages max) telling us a bit about you and why you’re interested in the program. Be sure to let us know your possible start date as well, as we'll be accepting applications year-round. 

Send it to us at You can send us any enquiries at this address too.