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Unlock potential and deliver lifelong learning with impact.

banner-image is a next generation blended learning platform that supports you to deliver learning that leads to real-world results.
"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Guroo team. ... More than the platform, the Guroo team are outstanding to work with and we cherish the partnership between Guroo Learning and Feel the Magic immensely.”
Adam Blatch
Chief Executive Officer | Feel the Magic

The Learning Experience supports you to deliver action learning solutions and applied learning tasks, letting your learners build the skills and competencies that drive real-world results.

Onboard your learners for success

Learning Catalogue

Showcase your courses with the Learning Catalogue. The learning catalogue can be used to sell courses to the public or to organise and promote your courses to an internal audience.
  • Discover courses by category, calendar, and search.
  • Create a detailed landing page for each course.
  • Support multiple brands with different catalogues.
  • Stripe integration for credit card payments.
  • Capture leads with curriculum downloads.
  • Integrate with your CRM via API.

Learning Pathways

Create personalised learning journeys that guide the learner through a series of courses aligned to a overall learning goal.
  • Issue credentials as learners progress.
  • Add a leaderboard to increase engagement.
  • Add required, optional and elective learning.
  • Add multiple levels or categories to your pathway.
  • Assign pathways to learners based on their profile.
  • Award overall mastery credentials on pathway completion. 


Course Onboarding

Give your learners the best start with an onboarding process that prepares them for success, setting expectations around learning commitment and allowing each learner to define their learning goals before the program starts. 
  • Welcome them to the course with a video 
  • Introduce them to the Facilitators 
  • Ask them to nominate a coach or mentor
  • Ask the learner to set their and rate their goals
  • Provide an overview of the Learning Journey
  • Ask for a commitment with a customisable Learning Contract
  • Ensure they don't miss a session with a downloadable calendars


Get a deeper understanding of individual learning needs with diagnostic assessments that identify a learner's strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and skills.
  • Create multi-dimensional diagnostics
  • Support learner, coach and manager diagnostics.
  • Comprehensive learning reporting on results for individuals and cohorts
  • Personalise learning pathways based on results

Deliver Blended Learning Journeys

Personalised Learning

Personalise the learning journey through a course based on the strengths and profile attributes of a learner. 
  • Engage learners based on their individual needs.
  • Personalise based on diagnostic outcomes.
  • Adapt learning based on profile information such as job roles and locations.
  • Dynamically set learning as required, optional or hidden for each learner.

Self-Paced eLearning's seamless integration with allows digital eLearning solutions to be easily incorporated into any learning journey.
  • eLearning authored in is responsive, adaptive and engaging.
  • track in depth learning analytics, such as question answers and KPIs from your module into reporting. 
  • include eLearning modules from other authoring tools using SCORM.



Learning Content learning journeys, can include a range of other learning content and resources:
  • Video: Embed mp4, Youtube, and Vimeo videos directly in your learning programs. Videos support closed captions and text transcripts.
  • Diagram: Include detailed images that can be zoomed in and browsed.
  • Documents: Upload a pdf or Microsoft Office document.
  • Links: Add links to external online resources.
  • Embedded Objects: Include learning from other sites using iFrames.

In-person Sessions supports in person sessions including the tracking of attendance and allowing the learner to update their calendars to be reminded of:
  • Session dates, time and duration.
  • Session locations and addresses.
  • Google Maps link.
  • Facilitator names.

Virtual Learning

Virtual classrooms or webinars are a key activity in any effective learning journey; with you can
  • Integrate your virtual learning directly into the learning journey.
  • Include links from your preferred tool such as Teams, Hang Outs or Zoom.
  • Offer flexible attendance where learners may attend the classroom or watch the recording later.
  • Zoom Pro users can integrate for automated session creation and attendance marking.

Learning with Real-world Impact

Action Learning Tasks

Action learning tasks promote and facilitate the transfer of learning into the workplace. Tasks:
  • Include short response, file uploads and record a video.
  • Can easily be reviewed by facilitators or managers.
  • Support completion by individuals or groups.
  • Can include the requirement for resubmission until competent.

Social Learning

Engagement with other learners is a key element of any digital learning strategy. With you can implement social activities into your learning solutions.
  • Add comments and feedback to tasks.
  • Built-in collaboration tools to allow groups to discuss tasks.
  • Promote discussion with an overall course noticeboard or discussion board.
  • Add a community directory to enable learners to see each others profiles.

Manager-Lead Coaching

Managers play an essential role in helping embed and extend the results of your learning programs, supporting learners and helping to contextualise their learning to their role. empowers coaches and managers to support learners as they transfer their skills to the workplace, with a range of tools including:
  • A dashboard to enable the manager to monitor the learners progress.
  • Manager guides to empower them to support the learner.
  • Diagnostic reports to identify learners’ areas of strength and opportunities for development.
  • Learning tasks with manager feedback to enable embedding results in the workplace.

Assessment and Impact makes it simple to assess and evaluate each learner as they progress through their learning programs, with tools and reports that give a clear view of learner’s progress and provide the information you need to support each learner according to their individual needs.
  • Assessable tasks with built-in feedback tools.
  • Expand learning with quizzes included from
  • See the impact of your learning with pre and post learning diagnostics.



Digital Credentials

Digital credentials verify a learner's academic achievements and level of mastery in a particular area, giving the learner ongoing evidence of their achievement and helping build structured learning journeys. 
  • Automatically award badges on course completion.
  • Recognise prior learning and issue badges manually.
  • Build badges into your learning pathways.
  • Integrate to issue credentials via Credly.
  • Print credentials as certificates.

Customer Stories

Woolworths - Store Management and Knowledge Share Program
Woolworths partnered with Guroo Learning to develop a training and coaching program to help improve customer service and optimise end-to-end operational processes in their stores.
Blackmores - Thailand Product and Sales Training
Partnering with Guroo Learning, Blackmores Institute developed an eLearning suite to provide advisors with the conversational tools and knowledge to support consumers.
AGSM Executive Leadership
Guroo Producer recently partnered with the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at UNSW to develop a customised, fully blended learning solution for a large Australian financial services company.

Deliver learning that drives results.