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Education Learning Solutions

Together we can grow and scale your education business.

We support you to create market-leading and scalable professional education, short courses and microcredentials that your customers will love.

You're in good company with Guroo Learning

How we can help

Business Schools

Develop a compelling portfolio of executive education, leadership and business skills courses that appeal to individuals, teams and organisations. 

  • Scalable yet effective learning experiences.
  • Support both open enrolment and custom offerings to organisations.
  • Build a library of reusable digital learning assets.
  • Offer high impact solutions to enterprise customers.
  • Translate learning into the workplace with action learning.
  • Measure and demonstrate the impact of your solutions.

Universities and Faculties

Together we can build scalable and compelling short courses and micro-credentials that align to the needs of working professionals and organisations

  • Translate your domain expertise into courses with practical outcomes.
  • Create lifelong learning pathways for individual professionals.
  • Grow your impact into organisations and teams.
  • Get to market quicker with our team of expert learning designers.

Private Educators

Grow your education business and reach new markets with courses built to meet your customer’s needs.

  • Improve your student experience through adaptive and engaging digital learning solutions.
  • Access a team of expert learning designers that can get you to market quicker 
  • Grow your market by developing short. courses and micro-credentials for enterprise.
  • Ensure you learning is aligned to business needs and creates work ready graduates.

Professional Associations

Keep your members engaged with relevant, flexible programs that support them on their lifelong learning journey.

  • Flexible and personalised learning that delivers a compelling learning experience
  • Keep your training current with ongoing reviews and development support
  • Encourage continuous learning and deliver additional value with suggested learning pathways
  • Support and guidance to help digitalise your learning content

Delight your customers and scale your impact.

We partner with you step-by-step to develop an industry-leading product portfolio and create a learning experience that will both engage and deliver true impact for your customers, from individuals to teams and whole organisations. 

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Grow with multiple enterprise delivery channels.

Together we can grow and scale your education business across multiple channels.

Open Enrolment Courses for Individuals

  • Courses designed for working professionals to upskill and reskill.
  • Support learners from different organisations in the same cohort.
  • Include the participants' manager in the experience to ensure effective transfer of learning to the workplace.
  • Deliver blended, online and in person learning experiences at scale. 

Programs for Teams

  • Offer In-house courses for teams within organisations.
  • Contextualise these courses to the needs of the organisation.
  • Integrate team specific workplace learning activities into the learning experience.

Content Licensing

  • Licence your self-paced digital learning assets to organisations.
  • Stream your digital content to your customers learning management system without losing control.
  • Offer in depth learning analytics and impact measurement to your customers. 

Learning Academies for Enterprises

  • Create dedicated learning academies for whole organisations.
  • Deliver a range of corportate training solutions customised to the needs of the customer.
  • Integrate with the customers systems to enable scale and ease of delivery.



Customer Stories

AGSM Executive Leadership
Guroo Producer recently partnered with the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at UNSW to develop a customised, fully blended learning solution for a large Australian financial services company.
The University of Queensland Australia
Guroo Learning created a digital learning program designed to remodel classroom-based interactions through the incorporation of case studies and other practical elements.
Monash University Malaysia
Monash University Malaysia acquired Guroo Learning's services to create a blended program that met the Malaysian Governments aspirations to provide students with a more culturally immersive and experiential learning journey.

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