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Attract new members, with innovative onboarding and upskilling programs. Make best-in-breed education programs the differentiator for your association, that helps advance member’s careers and the industry at large.

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"Blackmores Institute has worked closely with Guroo for 4+ years on many flagship projects. Their ultra-high standard of engaging learning, with evidenced behavioural changes, has led to 20+ joint awards for industry-leading education.”
Paul Habekost
Head of Education | Blackmores Institute

Differentiate your association, support your members and advance your industry sector.

Attract and engage members

Deliver immediate value with a range of learning opportunities

Professional development pathways

Support your members with customised, flexible learning

Build new skills

Build the skills your members need to maintain currency and innovate your industry

The best names in education

Access best-in-class educators to upskill at scale

Guroo Learning is already helping industry associations scale and grow

IPWEA - Asset Tracking
IPWEA wished to develop a short, self paced microcredential on Asset Tracking and Monitoring, which will inform learners about the different technologies available, use cases, benefits of asset tracking and planning to implement it in their own organisation.

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