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Translate learning into action.

ACADEMY is a next generation learning platform that helps you transfer learning into workplace outcomes.



Turn Learning Into Action

ACADEMY is an easy to use, flexible platform that’s designed to make it simple to deploy and embed engaging, learner-centred programs.

Built around delivering learning that leads to real-world results, ACADEMY uses action learning journeys and applied learning tasks to help your learners build the skills and competencies that matter to your business.

With ACADEMY, adaptive pathways ensure that each learner receives an experience that is tailored to their needs, backed by a personalised set of learning goals and supported by data-driven coaching.


Simple, speedy implementation

Get your program up and running quickly and easily

Achieve real performance gains

Drive capability and behavioural change to meet business targets

Deeper insights with data-driven learning

Leverage the power of xAPI for insights into learner behaviour

Deliver impactful micro-credentials

Create ongoing impact with powerful short courses

How does ACADEMY transfer learning into practice?

Academy supports real-world application of learning with:

  • Personal goal setting and self assessment

  • Action planning that ensures learning is mapped to workplace outcomes
  • Adaptive digital scenarios that allow the learner to actively practice new skills
  • Group work and social learning that encourages colleague support and peer-to-peer learning
  • Work-integrated action learning tasks that give the learner the opportunity to apply newfound skills and knowledge
  • Mentor coaching backed by actionable learning insights
  • Evaluation tools that are designed to measure skills transfer, not just learner satisfaction


Academy Features

Whatever your goals, ACADEMY makes it easy to create and embed engaging, accessible and effective learning.

Want a system designed to embed learning and deliver real workplace outcomes?

Get in touch to discover if Academy is the right solution for your organisation.

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