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See the real impact of
your learning.

Analytics gives you in-depth insights into your learning, so you can optimise and maximise real world outcomes.


In-depth learning insights that drive meaningful change

Completion rates alone won’t let you see the real impact of your learning, or track it’s contribution to your goals. Analytics lets you go deeper, linking learning performance to the KPIs and outcomes you need to achieve success.

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Get in-depth insights into learning performance


Link learning results with workplace performance


Understand your learner’s mindset with embedded evaluations


The data you need to make the right decisions

ANALYTICS puts actionable learning data at your fingertips

Measure true learner capability

ANALYTICS lets you go beyond completion metrics to track a learner’s true capability, linking learning with workplace KPIs and enabling you to track learner confidence and competence through reflective questions and action learning scenarios.

Solve the right problems

Monitor how your learning contributes to real-world performance


Track learner development

Get a deeper understanding of your learner’s capabilities


Get the results you need

Optimize your learning to deliver workplace results

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Address misconceptions and close skill gaps

Deeper learning data can uncover your learners’ common misconceptions, highlighting opportunities to close skills gaps and giving you the information you need to optimise your courses and ensure your learning is delivering the right results.

Discover where and how misconceptions arise

Identify opportunities to refine and optimise your learning


Develop learning that addresses specific skill gaps

Ensure your workforce is prepared with the skills they need to succeed

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"The ability to measure capability and the success of the project has helped our coaches personalise their follow-up and give our Store Managers the support they need."

Clay Shearan
Program Manager - Team Experience Woolworths

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Track learner confidence

Self-assessment and confidence-based questions can be placed within the flow of learning to measure your learner’s attitude to their skills and assess their confidence, letting you measure and track the impact of your learning.

Track the impact of your learning

Get in-depth feedback on the effect of your learning on learner’s skills and perceptions


Identify areas for personal growth

Help everyone in your team achieve their best results

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See how your learners are engaging

ANALYTICS dashboards give you insight into the ways your learners are engaging with their learning, giving you an overview of progression and the time spent within each unit, and letting you see the paths that learners take within their learning.

Highlight common routes through multi-path learning

See your learner's complete learning journey


Monitor expected and actual unit completion times

Identify and optimise sticking points in your learning


See when and where learners are accessing their learning

Deliver an experience optimised for your learner's platforms and useage

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Evaluate learning with NPS

Get course feedback from your learners when and where it matters most with NPS evaluations integrated within your learning, letting you identify issues when they occur and helping you meet your learner’s needs.

Get immediate feedback on learner attitudes

Capture learner's opinions within the flow of learning


Increase and maintain learner engagement

Discover the best ways to capture and hold your learner's attention


Identify and respond to the needs of your learners

Get deeper feedback with reflective questions and short responses

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Get more from your learning data