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Accelerate your learning design with Guroo Studio

We believe that learning has the power to transform people and businesses, empowering them to reach their full potential.

We created the Guroo Studio to make effective, engaging learning available to every organisation, helping companies worldwide to reinvent their learning and upskill their workforce.

At Guroo Learning, we aim to be a trusted business partner, helping companies in a range of industries to plan, develop and deliver the learning that is right for them.


With the Guroo Studio, you’ll be in the company of these global business leaders unlocking empowering learning solutions.

What we do

Learning design is the core of what we do. The learning design process shapes the entirety of the learner experience and ensures that learning is aligned to your business goals, ensuring that the learning created will help your learners and drive real-world results.

Through identifying the problems that your learning will solve and the people it will support, we work to create the right course for you and your needs, then get to work developing the solution that’s right - and right on time.


Program scoping and personas

Great learning starts from understanding. We start our programs with thorough scoping and the development of learner personas, taking an empathic look at the learning environment and the challenges the learning will address, and creating a blueprint for learning development.


Crafting learning journeys

Our approach to developing learning journeys aligns the learner experience to business outcomes, focusing on creating lasting behavioural change, not short-term results. We work to promote active learning, embedding scenarios, practical application and self-reflection to transfer learning to the workplace. Backed with coaching and mentoring and practical activities, we focus on getting the right mix of learning activities to deliver the best results for your business.


Learning activity design

With a plan for your learning in place, our designers work to create the content that will deliver the results you need. For every project, we assemble the best mix of learning design expertise, creative excellence and adaptive learning technology, enabling us to deliver truly responsive and agile customer experiences.


Program setup and support

Creating great learning is only the start of the journey. Once your program is created, we can help you to get it up and running and keep it operating effectively as you deploy your learning to where it’s needed. As your organisation grows, we can make sure that your learning keeps pace, scaling delivery and deployment to meet your changing needs.


Learning analytics

Learning development is never a one-and-done process. As your learners progress through their journey, we can gather the insights and analytics that you need to optimise your learning, keeping you informed on how and where your learning is contributing to your goals.

Studio Services

Adaptive eLearning

Learning that’s as unique as your learners


With the power of adaptive learning, your learning content can be as unique as your learners. We utilise data-driven learning and adaptive pathways to create learning journeys that meet the needs of each learner and provide a personalised, supportive experience.

Video Production

Make complex ideas simple with engaging video


Add visual impact and greater engagement to your learning with custom video content.

Illustrate complex concepts, demonstrate procedures and showcase your talent with video that is tailored to your brand and your needs.


A picture is worth a thousand words


We can create custom animations to support your learning, delivering high-impact, easy to understand visuals. We can work to bring your ideas to reality, from scripting and storyboarding to voiceovers, delivering a product that matches your in-house style.

Action Learning

Skills that transfer into the workplace


With action learning, material reinforces learning and increases skills transfer by building workplace context and scenarios into the learning journey.

Through action learning, learners are encouraged to relate their learning to real-world practice and outcomes, supporting results that create lasting impact.

Social Learning

Shared experiences supporting new skills


Social learning helps to support new skills and learned behaviour by encouraging learners to share their experience and support one another as they progress through their learning.

Through collaboration, peer interaction and gamification, social learning helps your learners to build and share their skills together.

Coaching & Manager Guides

Reinforce learning with help and guidance


As the learner moves through their course and on into the workplace, coaching and mentoring, particularly from a manager, helps to reinforce the skills gained through their learning.

We help prepare coaches with the information and resources they need, using learning data to areas where learners will benefit the most from additional help and support.

How we do it

The Learning Canvas
Adaptive Learning
Upskilling Journeys
Data Analytics
The Learning Canvas

The learning canvas is the start of every learning journey we design. The learning canvas is a scoping tool that clearly identifies the needs and goals of your organisation, and creates a framework for the learning journey that will equip your learners with the skills and behaviours to meet those needs.

The learning canvas gives us and our clients the tools and the vision to create learning programs that work for the organisation, their learners and their goals.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning lets you create more engaging, dynamic, personalised learning journeys that react to the skills and experiences of your learner, providing them with support that accounts for their unique circumstances.

Guroo Author is designed to make creating adaptive learning journeys simple and practical, letting you customise your content, add elective material, accommodate the existing knowledge of your learners and keep them engaged and motivated as they progress through their course.

Upskilling Journeys

Upskilling and reskilling are essential in keeping your business and your workforce competitive and relevant. Short courses and micro-credentials can help you to deliver upskilling that ensure your staff are equipped with the skills they need to operate effectively in a changing environment.

With Academy, you can create powerful, impactful short courses that deliver learning when and where it is needed across your organisation.

Data Analytics

Getting the right feedback on your learning lets you track how your learning affects not just your learners, but also your organisation and the key performance indicators that drive success. Knowing what is working and what lets you optimise and refine your learning programs, making sure your programs are effective and relevant.

With Guroo Analytics, you can keep track of the metrics that matter the most, across your learning and out into the workplace.

Who we are

Our learning designers come from a range of backgrounds, with a passion for learning and decades of combined experience in unlocking the transformative power of education. Having partnered with some of the biggest brands across industry and education, Guroo Learning are recognised leaders in learning design innovation. Here are just a few of the talented designers that make up our team.

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