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A learning library to accelerate your training


Streamline employee training

Enjoy best practice learning design with our range of digital learning tools and ready to use training courses.

Explore ready made courses

Our curated content library and range of educational partners helps organisations find relevant pre-made courses with ease.

Access the most important learning your employees need

Developing and maintaining digital learning is an investment of both time and money. While there are many benefits to effective training, we know that it can be out of reach for many organisations.


That's where having access to a Learning Library can help.


A series of pre-made modules, these courses offer a variety of benefits such as:

  • Cost effective learning - access courses for a fraction of what it would cost to develop them internally
  • Quick implementation - with no development time, your courses can be up and running within the hour
  • Best practice learning - enjoy courses that are designed by experts across a variety of business needs
  • Flexibility - from courses that allow you to add your own policies to various delivery models, organisations can choose what suits them.

Guroo Learning offers two different ways organisations can access a learning library. Included in our authoring tool is a series of ready to go courses that can be adapted for your needs and we have also partnered with leading educators in Australia to offer you new areas of expertise. 

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Curated Content from Guroo Learning

As part of our authoring tool Producer we offer a range of ready-to-go-compliance and organisational development topics designed to suit your business need.

These courses offer organisations complete flexibility. The modules can be used as is or modified to include your specific policies, logos and colours. Once complete, they can then be shared on Guroo Producer's Academy or directly on your existing LMS. 

Developed with best learning practice in mind, these courses are interactive, engaging and cost effective. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) partnered with Guroo Learning to build an industry-leading catalogue of short courses to equip a new generation of leaders.

Developed as micro-credentials, these management courses allow organisations to upskill their leaders quickly on the topics that matter.

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ChangeFit by All Of You

The world of business is constantly changing and this can cause significant stress to leaders and employees.

ChangeFit is designed to build mental, physical and emotional capability to help individuals thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Explore ChangeFit Courses

Explore our Curated Content Library

Guroo Learning and our partners have developed a curated content library to simplify training for organisations.


Our topics include:

  • Employment  - promote skill development, employee engagement and address key issues in your organisation with this wide variety of courses
  • Compliance and Onboarding - from bullying and harassment training to data security and copyright, this range of training courses makes it easy to keep your staff trained on your policies
  • Leadership - our partnership with AGSM@UNSW offer a range of training on management and leadership. These short courses are run as micro-credentials to formalise learners' achievements
  • Adaptability and Change - the business world is undergoing significant change, placing new demands on leaders and employees. This Changefit training can help organisations to address that. 


No matter what training needs your organisation has, this comprehensive catalogue will offer you effective and affordable courses.

Download Our Course Catalogue

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