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Translate learning into action.

Academy is a next generation learning platform that extends learning into workplace outcomes.


Unlock the power of learning with flexible, learner-centred programs.

Academy supports you to deliver action learning journeys and applied learning tasks, letting your learners build the skills and competencies that drive real-world results.

Onboard and Diagnose
Engage and Learn
Embed and Apply
Celebrate and Extend
Onboard and Diagnose
Onboard and Diagnose sc
set learners up for success

Set learners up for success.

Give your learners the best start with a digital portfolio and learning action plan.

diagnose learner needs

Diagnose learner needs.

Multi-dimensional diagnostics provide clear, detailed analysis of each learner’s individual needs.

set personalised pathways

Set personalised pathways.

Provide each learner with the knowledge and support they need with adaptive and personalised learning journeys.

Onboard and Diagnose sc
Engage and Learn
Engage and Learn s
effortlessly deploy interactive elearning

Effortlessly deploy interactive elearning.

Create and import interactive elearning from Producer or other authoring tools.

powerful blended learning tools

Powerful blended learning tools.

Manage in-person and virtual sessions with calendar tracking, virtual classrooms and zoom integration.

support social and peer-to-peer learning

Support social and peer-to-peer learning.

Built in group and social learning tools to encourage colleague support.

Engage and Learn s
Embed and Apply
Embed and Apply s

Encourage real-world skills transfer.

Action learning tasks add workplace context to skill development.


Reinforce learning with self-reflection.

Integrated support for reflective questions encourages deeper understanding and supports skills transfer.

support and guidance through manager led coaching

Support and guidance through manager-led coaching.

Get easy access to the feedback and data you need to enable detailed, supportive manager-led coaching.

Embed and Apply s
Celebrate and Extend
Celebrate and Extend s
reward learner achievement

Reward learner achievement.

Easily award badges and micro-credentials with Credly integration.

see the next steps in the learning journey

See the next steps in the learning journey.

Learning pathways show learners their next steps to developing further skills.

motivate learner acheivement

Motivate learner achievement.

Encourage your learners to excel with CPD points and leader boards.

Celebrate and Extend s

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Donna Hanson-Squires

Donna is passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that drive behavioural change. With background in learning design and facilitation, Donna works with a wide range of clients to understand their problems and design solutions to help their people reach their goals.

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Hit your goals at every stage of learning delivery.

Academy’s tools help you promote, evaluate and optimise your learning to get the results you need.

Design and Build
Promote and Sell
Evaluate and Assess
Analyse and Optimise
Design and Build
Design and Build s
get the right start to your program

Get the right start to your programs.

Create a blueprint for your learning with the Learning Canvas.

easily create new courses

Easily create new courses.

Get programs up and running quickly with simple, speedy implementation.

acheive real performance gains

Achieve real performance gains.

Enable learners to practice new skills with adaptive digital scenarios.

Design and Build s
Promote and Sell
Promote and Sell s
promote internal engagement

Promote internal engagement.

Course promotion tools to help drive internal uptake of your learning.

license and advertise your content

License and advertise your content.

Promote and sell your courses through the Academy course catalogue.

Easy, integrated eCommerce

Easy, integrated eCommerce.

Manage your course payments simply with full Stripe integration.

Promote and Sell s
Evaluate and Assess
Evaluate and Assess s
evaluate action learning

Evaluate action learning.

Assessment tools and feedback that let you gauge the impact of your action learning tasks.

measure and optimise learning performance

Measure and optimise learning performance.

Post learning diagnostics give you the information you need to track and measure real-world capabilities.

a 360 view of your learning

A 360 view of your learning.

See the performance of your learning from every angle with NPS, learner confidence ratings and goal outcome tracking.

Evaluate and Assess s
Analyse and Optimise
Analyse and Optimise s
learning data at-a-glance

Learning data at-a-glance.

Analytics dashboards let you easily see the performance of your learning and your learners.

deeper data insights

Deeper data insights.

Integrations with xAPI and Guroo Analytics let you unlock the full power of your learning data.

track the metrics that matter

Track the metrics that matter.

Evaluation tools that are designed to measure skills transfer, not just learner satisfaction.

Analyse and Optimise s

Deliver learning that drives results