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Higher Education Solutions

Guroo Learning’s unique mix of products and services combine to help your university increase learner engagement, provide personalised student support, flip your classrooms, reach new markets, create new offerings, and scale quality learning design across your institution. Don’t just flip your classroom, flip your online learning too.

Scale Learning Design

Scale Learning Design

Flip Your Classrooms

Flip Your Classrooms

Raise Student Engagement

Raise Student Engagement

Reach New Markets

Reach New Markets

We are dedicated to delivering memorable experiences for each of our partners.

Outsourced learning design

We’ll do the work for you

Do you have limited internal learning design capacity? No problem, we’re here to help you get the job done! Our team of talented learning designers will take your program right from program design through to learning experience design, development and implementation. We collaborate with you throughout the entire design process and allow access to the program as it’s developed to ensure that we deliver on all expectations.

  • Collaborate with us or watch the magic happen
  • Review, comment on and edit your program as it’s developed
Co-design workshops and coaching

Boost your development capacity

Our co-design workshops will optimise your internal capacity to produce polished, professional programs while being guided by a team of experienced industry professionals. Our intelligent software and learning design services combine in this space to offer our clients the ability to create better learning, faster – allowing you to scale your offerings.

  • Create better learning, faster
  • Produce professional, polished programs
  • Cross-skill, up-scale and capitalise on your investment


Monash University Malaysia Partnership

Having successfully partnered with Guroo Producer on a number of past projects, Monash became licensees of our authoring and design tool allowing them to improve their production capacity and upscale their program offerings.

“Becoming a licensee of Guroo Learning and participating in their co-design training enabled us to empower staff through new approaches to teaching and learning. Our collaboration with Guroo has improved the scalability and innovation of our education programs, as we move towards a more flexible, engaged and self-paced learning environment for our students.”

Andrew Walker

Pro-vice Chancellor and President

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Flip your classroom

Personalised experiences, not handouts

Combining flexible online offerings with your classroom-based learning, we help formulate an exciting course design that incorporates interactive, scenario-based learning, case studies and other practical learning materials that make learning more experiential. Through an active learning model, students are able to develop their skills and attain knowledge in a safe and supported environment, improving informational retention and prompting greater results.

  • Blended program designs
  • Active, experiential learning
  • Practical application


University of Queensland Accounting

Through the integration of self-paced, flexible, online learning modules, we helped UQ to subvert traditional teaching models and prioritise the needs of the learner, therefore optimising the facilitation experience by allowing it to build on foundational knowledge and become more active and experiential as a result.

“The Guroo team were extremely responsive and as an academic it was great to be able to engage with a team of people who work quickly and professionally to produce an educational tool of very high quality.”

Debbie Jeffrey

Associate Lecturer (Accounting, School of Business)

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Student initiatives

Support the whole student experience

At Guroo Learning, we understand that university is about more than pass/fail coursework, it’s about preparing students for life beyond structured learning by helping them transition into a career. We design eLearning programs that grant students insight into the realities of full-time work, build their confidence and help them to reflect and structure their goals and ambitions beyond university.

  • Supporting the transition from education to employment
  • Build confidence and employment skills
  • Prepare students for placements


UNSW Business School Career Accelerator

Together with AGSM, we have developed targeted blended and eLearning solutions that effectively engage employees across all levels of an organisation.

“The decision to partner with Guroo Learning has been transformative and has provided AGSM with all the tools necessary to create truly immersive and adaptive eLearning and blended programs. Guroo Producer™ offers a progressive and consistent approach that delivers on every learning outcome.

Magnus Gittins

Director of AGSM Executive Education

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Work-integrated solutions

Reinvigorate your post-graduate offerings

With post-graduate study acting as a gateway between higher education and industry, it is imperative that these offerings are aligned to the emerging needs of industry and founded in practice. Our work-integrated programs are flexible, practical and meet industry standards, ensuring that your course offerings appeal to working professionals as well as recent graduates.

  • Industry aligned programs
  • Work-integrated, practical learning
Staff development

Align your team to your strategy

The higher education sector is constantly evolving. This results in the need to build capability in both general and academic quickly and effectively, we offer digital learning solutions that align university employees to your strategy and build the new capabilities you need for your institution to succeed in an increasingly competitive and disrupted market.

  • Employee training
  • Strategic alignment and change management
Personalised compliance

Reduce risk on campus

Our online personalised compliance courses are custom developed to minimise the ever-increasing regulations and risks on campus. Our personalised approach ensures your audience stays engaged and only does as much learning as is required based on their personal level of understanding of the issues. From codes of conduct, to safety, to data privacy, we can help you reduce risk and change your culture on campus.