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Accelerate the growth of your short course offering.

At Guroo Learning, we work with University Faculties, Professional Colleges and Business Schools to evaluate the viability of your short course offering and create an effective actionable plan to enable growth and scalability, using our market-leading tool – The Enterprise Education Opportunity Canvas.

Enabling world-class leaders in higher education to deliver effective, scalable education programs

By partnering with Guroo Learning,
you will have the support to:

Are you looking for a learning partner to help you grow and scale
your short course offering to enterprise and business customers?

Develop a roadmap for short course success.

Guroo Learning is a market leader in developing and delivering programs for education providers. Our approach is data-driven, practical and designed to provide real-world results, backed up by meaningful metrics.

Book an initial complementary consultation with Guroo Learning and we'll guide you through our proven short course offering and how to scale it.

We will help you to:

  • Discover your value proposition
  • Define your market
  • Design your learning products
  • Recommend a robust growth plan

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Our approach to working with you:


1. Discover Your Value

We’ll start with a deep dive into your organisation, uncovering key metrics and points of value that set you apart, such as your unique education proposition and success metrics.

2. Define Your Market

We'll define your market by breaking down target customers, competitors, and other factors to determine the market viability of your offering to ensure it makes sense commercially.

3. Design Your Product

Understanding your product is key to the value proposition and scalability of your courses. We’ll determine the underlying value of your course offering, while factoring in opportunities for levelling and scaled delivery to prepare for growth.

4. Growth Plan

We’ll determine the best course of action for hitting the market by breaking down current customers, marketing avenues for acquiring new students and partnership opportunities to get your courses in front of as many eyes as possible.

Drive the results you need with Guroo Learning.

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