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AGSM Executive Leadership Case Study

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Guroo Learning partnered with the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at UNSW to develop a customised, fully blended learning solution for a large Australian financial services company.

The audience for the program is 1000 middle managers who, on successful completion, will receive a Certificate of Executive Leadership and 4 credit points towards an AGSM MBA. The blended approach includes workshops, webinars, and online learning. Some key examples of our work on this program include:

Business Simulation - Driving Business Performance:

  • In this simulation, the learner is coached through developing and communicating balanced scorecards for two teams in a fictional business.
  • The learner then goes on a virtual six-month journey with their teams, where they analyse the team’s performance against their targets, and identify the actions they would take to manage situations and drive performance.
  • They receive tailored feedback and additional learning resources based on the decisions made, and also have the ability to explore the feedback for the other options.
  • The learner’s decisions are measured against two KPIs; measuring performance and driving performance. At the end of the simulation they can see how well they performed and are encouraged to revisit any areas they need to practice

Job Aid - Decision Making in Complex Environments:

  • In the face-to-face workshop for this unit, the learners are introduced to a process for determining which decision making tool to use in a situation. We turned this process into a mobile-ready ‘job aid’ that can assist them in making decisions on the job.
  • Patrick Sharry, an AGSM Fellow, acts as a ‘virtual coach’, asking the learner a series of questions about the decision they are making. They are then guided to the most suitable decision-making tool.
  • For each decision-making tool, we included a short video from Patrick on how to use the tool, plus links to additional resources and/or templates to assist the learner.

Personalised Learning Pathways - Building High Impact Teams:

  • Each of the four eLearning modules for this unit begins with a survey where the learner self-assesses their ability in the relevant aspect of team performance.
  • Based on their survey results, the learner receives a personalised learning pathway showing which learning they are required to complete.
  • If they want to learn more, the learner can also access some optional learning resources.

Every learner experienced a learning journey that was relevant to their role, that set them up for future success and importantly, was customised for their capabilities.

At Guroo Learning, we have extensive experience collaborating with various organisations and education providers to deliver engaging blended learning programs.

Our authoring tool allows puts you in the producer’s chair to create personalised learner pathways and importantly, enables your team to be truly agile and collaborative. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, or if have any questions, please contact us at