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Monash University - Monash University Malaysia Authoring Experience


Monash University Malaysia is an internationally ranked Higher Learning institution focused on delivering research and teaching excellence across various disciplines.

Their mission to create high quality, engaging undergraduate, graduate and post graduate research courses has resulted in a trend towards eLearning as a means of supplementing traditional teaching methods.

Having successfully worked with Guroo Learning on a number of past projects, Monash University Malaysia has become a
licensee of's Content Authoring Technology.

With inbuilt planning, design, and collaboration tools, allows our partners
to develop
agile learning programs at a set annual price and determine our involvement in the production process.


relevant experiential learning

The decline in engagement with class-based learning has prompted a call for more innovative approaches to the dissemination of course work that reduce student obligations to attend face-to-face programs. Meanwhile, the demand for self-paced, flexible learning pathways has gained momentum, resulting in a need for blended eLearning experiences that satisfy student requirements and increase engagement while continuing to deliver on educational objectives. Indeed, whilst eLearning services have been successful in delivering such programs, Higher Education institutions have historically struggled to scale these services across multiple courses and disciplines, making this approach unsustainable.

Goals & Objectives


Licensing Outcomes

  • Improve program scalability
  • Reduce costs associated with learning design
  • Create collaborative, flexible, self-paced learning pathways
  • Integrate video, gamification and characters to improve engagement
  • Reduce obligatory face-to-face time through blended experiences
  • Simplistic, linear system that manages all aspects of design from program mapping to publishing and results
  • Produces content compatible across multiple learning management systems
align learning to business strategies

Partnership Requirements

  • Experienced professionals with a history of working within the Higher Education sector
  • Consistency in learning experience across units
  • The ability to deliver qualitative and quantitative results stored in a learning system
  • Access to technology and design experts

The Monash Journey:

see the next steps in the learning journey

The relationship between Guroo Learning and Monash University Malaysia was initially formed in response to the University’s request to develop a suite of programs across the science, business, arts and social science and engineering faculties. Each program was developed as a blended-learning experience, intended to reduce class time and supplement lecture and tutorial content. The programs consisted of between 11 and 15 modules consumed over the 12-week semester or an 8-week summer course, and comprised videos, resources, readings, assignments, quizzes and other course content to support and assess student learning.





Having successfully deployed these programs and received positive feedback from course facilitators and University staff regarding the effectiveness of the e-Learning suite, Guroo was contracted to create additional course content. Since this time, Monash Malaysia has become our partner and a licensee of, granting them independent design and co-design capacity. Through specialised training, as well as the programs inherent functional capabilities, Monash University Malaysia now has access to all the tools necessary to transform, scale and measure their education model by creating their own learning journeys

Program Training:

help teams reach peak performance

Monash University licensed, and engaged our services in the form of a ‘co-design boot-camp’. 

Nine staff members were chosen to participate in an intensive learning design course. Together with a series of templates and design assets, the staff members then had the skills and tools they needed to create a suite of digital learning experiences to support their student courses.



The decision to become a licensee of has had a very important impact on Monash Malaysia’s ability to increase the scalability and consistent production of its programs, whilst still maintaining access to Guroo Learning's services in the form of our learning design and technical expertise. Similarly, through the cross-skilling of employees, program production can be optimised and associated costs exponentially reduced as the design capabilities of producers improve and the need for co-design is minimised.

  • 9 employees trained over a 2 month boot camp in Malaysia
  • The need for outsourcing was minimised through internal optimisation
  • Scalability increased and production costs reduced
  • Consistency improved across course units


Donna Hanson-Squires
30 September 2019 1 Min Read

Monash Malaysia became a guroo.prolicensee so that they could develop agile, consistent learning programs at scale. Read more about here.



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