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AGSM@UNSW and Guroo Learning's collaborative journey to scale their education business

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The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Business School, offers world-class training and education for business professionals at all career stages. AGSM programs range from  short courses to a Master of Business Administration. They equip the next generation of leaders with necessary tools and skills for a successful business career. 

Since 2017, Guroo Learning have partnered with AGSM@UNSW to create a range of short course offerings that have expanded AGSM’s portfolio with a selection of business courses designed to deliver targeted upskilling for working professionals in a range of industries, delivered through flexible, online programs. 


This began by using Guroo’s innovative learning platform, Academy, to host a range of integrated short courses. Designed to upskill mid to senior executives in key organisational areas, the  courses were designed to leverage virtual and adaptive learning to meet the changing needs of learners in an increasingly hybridised workplace. 

Drawing on the expertise of our learning designers and developers, over 50 programs were developed for the portfolio, including open programs and virtual courses. More than 15,000 learners enrolled within the first two years.  


Following the success of the virtual courses, the free online leadership program, Learn to Lead, moved from another platform to Academy. We provided administrative and technical support for facilitators and learners alike during the two- week program, ensuring a smooth and successful operation for thousands of learners. Notably, in 2020, the Learn to Lead program provided an opportunity for learners to upskill during the Covid-19 pandemic in preparation for post-pandemic life. Learn to Lead is now hosted annually on Navigator, with extensive support from our team. It regularly draws large enrolment numbers and continues to be a popular upskilling program for UNSW alumni. 

AGSM and Guroo Learning have also collaborated on scaled, in-house programs for large organisations, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Synergy and the Australian Taxation Office. Of particular note is the enterprise-wide leadership academy delivered to Woodside Energy. This program was designed to uplift and transform leadership capabilities within the organisation. In recognition of its scope and potential, the academy was nominated for multiple awards with the Australian Institute of Training and Development in 2022. Since then, the course has made notable impacts on the leadership capabilities of individuals within the Woodside organisation. 


At Guroo Learning, we continue to collaborate with AGSM to develop innovative, new learning programs. Our Guroo Learning Studio works closely with AGSM providing expert learning solutions, including effective self-paced and blended eLearning design, video production, plus digital support, maintenance and program analytics for ongoing improvement. AGSM continues to embrace the ease and efficiency of our technology and platforms, including the authoring and analytics program and the Navigator platform powered by The active relationship between our organisations contributes to the expansion of AGSM’s online catalogue and the speedy development of new online programs for Australian and international learners alike. 

"AGSM is all about being future focused, looking to help cultivate our future leaders by developing adaptive behaviours and upskilling. Our partnership with Guroo Learning has enabled us to collaborate to quickly design, build and deliver genuinely immersive blended learning programs for our customers that support individual development and organisational transformation."

 tracey-profile    - Tracey Flynn, Director, AGSM Executive Education