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Endeavour College of Natural Health – Degree Programs

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Endeavour College of Natural Health is the largest private Higher Education provider of natural medicine courses in the Southern Hemisphere. Guroo Learning has been working with Endeavour College since 2020 on a wide range of projects, from developing degree programs to compulsory professional development (CPD) courses, and also creating a suite of micro-credential programs.

Supporting Professional Development

Firstly, Endeavour College were looking to transform their current degree programs to enhance learning outcomes and improve the overall experience for learners. Guroo Learning worked with Endeavour College to overhaul 50 of their subjects across naturopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and health sciences.

To ensure that Guroo provided the most accurate and informed information, they worked closely with subject matter experts from Endeavour to produce high-quality content. By collaborating closely with the Endeavour team, Guroo used the newly created content to produce courses that successfully contributed to the professional qualifications of learners within a niche field.

Next Endeavour also partnered with Guroo to recontextualise degree subjects to be used as 10 compulsory professional development programs for professionals in naturopathic and complementary medicine disciplines. Guroo had to solve a complex problem of reducing the existing learning volume from multiple degree programs into a short course of approximately 25 hours of learning for each course.


Providing real-world context

To create a meaningful learning experience, additional activities, resources and real-world case studies were included to supplement the technical content. The mode of delivery was designed to be flexible and self-paced to cater for industry professionals’ workloads.

The learning is hosted on Guroo’s Academy platform, which features key requirements like a course catalogue, eLearning module integration, discussion boards, facilitator bios, Zoom integration, automated calendar integration, and more.

With an increasing demand for lifelong learning, without the commitment of full-time study, Endeavour sought an opportunity to leverage existing content and transform this to satisfy this surging demand via a new short course portfolio.



Delivering success

Working closely with the Endeavour leadership and digital team, Guroo designed a suite of 14 short courses, each running for approximately 25 hours over a six-week period. Learners can access digital eLearning modules, including activities, discussion boards and videos throughout the learning journey.

The programs aim to quickly reskill, and upskill, currently practising natural health practitioners, and provide an entry point for those who wish to experience natural health learning. Upon completion, learners can enter into a full-length degree as a micro-credential would be recognised as prior learning.

The ongoing partnership between Endeavour College of Natural Health and Guroo Learning has resulted in the delivery of a portfolio of educational courses delivered to many diverse learners from a range of naturopathic and complementary medicine disciplines. Over the course of these experiences, Endeavour has received ongoing positive feedback from both the learners and industry specialists who believe their experience has positively impacted their professional development

“Endeavour College of Natural Health prides itself on its dedication towards training, and reskilling, learners in best practice in naturopathic and complementary medicine. We not only teach application, from classroom to practice, but also promote the ideals of lifelong learning within the learners’ professional journey.

I am proud to say that, in working with Guroo Learning, we have created many courses that complement this vision, by providing active learning experiences, and exposing learners to practical skills and tools they can immediately apply to real-world naturopathic and complementary medicine problems.”

 Stuart-Canning    - Stuart Canning, Head of Digital - Endeavour College of Natural Health