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Learning in Health and Care

Create better outcomes through effective Learning and Development

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Learning and Development for Health and Care
Learning and development is a crucial component of the health and care sector. Maintaining and attracting a trained and capable workforce is an essential part of meeting the ever-changing set of challenges that are intrinsic to the industry, and as highlighted by the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the need for effective learning and development programs for health and care has never been greater. Creating and maintaining a modern, effective and flexible system for the design and delivery of your learning will ensure that your organisation and your staff are equipped to meet whatever the future might bring.

Benefits of modern learning for Health and Care

  • Learning ecosystems align learning and development with organisational goals
  • eLearning and remote learning let staff access learning when and where it’s needed
  • Resources can be targeted to solving the issues that matter most
  • Data-driven learning refines learning and aligns course performance with real-world results
  • Knowledge sharing promotes a culture of learning and support within your organisation

Develop your learning ecosystem

A modern learning ecosystem considers the impact of every component of an organisation’s learning processes; the planning, people, platforms, learning material and learning data. These elements function together to create your learning and development environment. Being aware of the differing elements in your learning ecosystem means you will be more easily able to plan and develop a strategy that takes advantage of your resources, meets the needs of your learners and achieves the goals of your organisation.

Reach your staff with modern learning methods

Modernising elements of your ecosystem such as your Learning Management System will help to make your learning more accessible to your learners, and also opens up the opportunity to use data-driven and adaptive learning to create more personalised content, keeping your staff engaged and motivated as they progress through their online or blended learning experiences. Combined with reflective questions and ongoing assessment, adaptive learning can also be used to deliver learning that is specifically targeted to address the strengths and weaknesses of the individual learner, as well as the specific competencies required for their job role.

Offering team members just-enough, just-in-time training is especially important in the Health and Care industry, where staff are frequently on their feet, needing to deploy new skills on the go. Access to mobile friendly learning, supported by a powerful LMS or Learning Record Store, makes it easier for learners to manage their learning in a way and to a schedule that suits their needs.


Build effective and targeted learning strategies

To create effective learning, it is crucial that you know what problem you are setting out to solve, or what behavioural change you are looking to achieve. Having effective scoping and planning tools on hand will  help you identify and create solutions to support your specific circumstances and share your ideas with other stakeholders.

Being able to quickly and easily scale your learning is the other side of effective resource management. With learning in place that is working to achieve your goals, authoring tools such as PRODUCER can help you to build on your success and re-deploy effective content into new or expanded learning programs, making the most of your time and improving your productivity.


Effective learning increases staff morale by:

  • Increasing capability and confidence
  • Offering pathways to career development
  • Making the most of in-house talent
  • Encouraging collaboration and cooperation
Take advantage of data opportunities

Once you’ve deployed your learning initiative, the next step is to track the efficiency of your designs.  Modern learning platforms make collecting data on the performance of your learning and your learners easier than ever before.

The right data, as a part of a coherent data strategy, enables you to identify Key Performance Indicators and track how your learning is contributing to them, letting you link learner progress with the real-world results that matter the most to your organisation. Knowing what is and isn’t working in your learning will help you to refine your learning processes and focus on improvements that will drive success.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

With eLearning platforms, collaboration and knowledge sharing can be made a core part of the learning experience. Learners can share advice and experiences with their peers and managers, contributing to the development of a positive learning culture within the organisation and building relationships and bonds that increase workplace morale.


Developing a modern learning and development strategy for your organisation will help you to optimise your learning resources, reach your organisational goals and ensure that you attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce. At Guroo Producer, our learning experts can help you to create a strategy that works for you, from scoping and development, to deployment, to data analysis. If you’d like to find out how we can help you, get in touch and set up a discussion today. 

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