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Corporate Learning & Development Solutions

As a leader, you know that every employee is different, with unique needs, capabilities and challenges. You also understand that eLearning based on the “PowerPoint era, back-next” paradigm simply doesn’t deliver the personalised support that each learner needs to succeed. That’s where we come in. At Guroo Learning we embed practice into learning, bringing together the best mix of learning design expertise and adaptive learning technology to help you deliver better learning, faster.

Adaptive Personalised Learning

Adaptive Personalised Learning

Embed Practice into Learning

Embed Practice into Learning

Respond Rapidly to Business Needs

Respond Rapidly to Business Needs

Data-Driven Learning & xAPI Insights

Data-Driven Learning & xAPI Insights

We are dedicated to delivering memorable experiences for each of our partners.

Adaptive, engaging digital learning

Storytelling with purpose

Great digital learning should be adaptive and engaging. Our team of learning designers create customised, experiential learning journeys that boost learner interest and drive better outcomes for organisations. We combine an adaptive approach with scenario-based learning methods to form a personalised learning journey that meets the needs of each unique individual.

  • Customise and personalise your offerings
  • Don’t just make learning—create a journey
  • Captivate your learners with curated pathways and engaging scenarios



To prepare Ampol employees for the role of Store Manager, Guroo Learning developed a completely blended learning program.

“The Store Management Program set our employees up for success through a well-designed blended program. The workshops and digital experiences complemented each other to produce excellent results for learners whom were able to develop both their practical capabilities and functional skills.”

Alex McMahon

Retail Training and Engagement Manager

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Personalised Compliance

Put an End to ‘Click Next’ Compliance Training

Our personalised compliance training lets your employees test their knowledge upfront, then focus on filling any gaps and covering recent changes. Learning can be tailored by role, meaning people only get what they need, saving you time and money, while keeping your staff engaged.

  • Diversify your approach and boost engagement
  • Personalise content to suit your learner

Try it for yourself: Personalised Compliance Demo

Frontline Manager Programs

Peak performance where the action happens

Frontline managers put your strategy into action, but they also have many competing priorities. At Guroo Learning, we create frontline management training that is action-orientated and focused on practical outcomes that busy managers can apply straight away to ensure their team, and your business, is operating at peak performance.

  • Turn learning into real actions in the workplace
  • Self-paced and blended management programs
Product and sales training

Informed conversations

Product and sales training fails when employees don't have the support to apply their newly acquired skills in their role. Our scenario-based product and sales training incorporates interactive activities that set your team up for success. These occur in a safe learning environment and promote behavioural change through the active learning model of exploration, application and critical reflection.

  • Improve sales and product knowledge
  • Interactive conversations and system simulations
  • Online skill rehearsals and testing


Blackmores Institute

With the aim to increase the product knowledge and conversational confidence of Blackmores Institutes 220+ Thai Product Advisors, we developed a suite of digital learning modules that used illustrated scenarios to engage learners and build their capabilities within the safe confines of a learning program.

“The team at Guroo provided an exceptional development experience. The level of expertise and professionalism with which they conducted themselves … resulted in the design of a scenario-based learning program that could be cross-culturally understood and delivered results.”

Gill McEwen

Director of Education

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Onboarding and induction

Set your people up to succeed

Joining a new organisation can be overwhelming. Our onboarding and induction programs set your new employees up for success in their role by presenting a learning journey that gives them exactly what they need at exactly the right time.

  • Align new employees to your mission and goals
  • Ensure they connect with your customers from day one
  • Let them hit the ground running, safely


Woolworths Store Manager Program

In order to improve the day-to-day capabilities and confidence of store managers, we devised a blended learning program that leveraged xAPI technology and action plans to support facilitation, create a more personalised participant experience and embed learning into workplace practice.

“The ability to measure success of the project through xAPI and LRS technology has helped our coaches personalise their follow up and give our Store Managers the support they need.”

Clay Sheeran

Learning Designer

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