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Reaching the Right People

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Reaching the right people for upskilling

HR leaders and businesses are facing the after-effects of one of the most severe hiring recessions in modern history. With the increasing difficulties of finding and recruiting new employees, companies are turning to their in-house talent. In fact, *58% of current employees need new skills to get their jobs done. The key here is upskilling, developing and training your current employees to meet the demands of today's workforce. 

More than just filling skill gaps, upskilling creates a ripple effect throughout many aspects of your company; it is an investment for long-term production and profitability, it keeps employees engaged, and can lower turnover rates, all while ensuring you remain relevant. 

When considering upskilling a team member, you can take a few steps to ensure a relevant, practical and motivating learning experience. Following a few tips and tricks can ensure you deliver the right learning to the right people to reap the most benefits from the upskilling experience. 


Know your team 

As simple as it may seem, knowing your people and the skills they hold is an essential and often overlooked segment, especially in larger firms. It is important to know who your team is in order to distinguish who has the desirable skills for the given role. Even more importantly, knowing how to individualise the learning experience will motivate the employee to complete the learning experience and carry it into their workplace practices. 

By giving the right training to the right people, you are ensuring each learning program is individualised and relevant, boosting goal achievement abilities in the workplace. 

Know your skills 

Knowing the skills your company and team hold allows you to identify the skill gaps that exist within your organisation, letting you to determine what skills your company needs to foster to get to reach the goals you have set. Knowing what you lack and what you excel in will help you leverage your higher-performing employees to boost their work through upskilling, and those who need the support from training to support and refine their skill sets.

Know your goals

The ultimate reason behind upskilling is achieving your organisation’s goals; by knowing where you are trying to get to, you can set a road map for which skills and people will help you get there, creating a clear and defined path to ensure you deliver the right learning to the right people.

Upskilling the right people is simple. However, many companies make it much more complex than it has to be by investing in ineffective broad training. The key is to know your team, their skills and your company's goals to build a path for a successful upskilling program. By implementing the right training for the right people, you are one step closer to overcoming the difficulties of a challenging hiring environment.