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Getting the best from Academy’s April update

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Academy’s April update is now live, bringing with it a range of new features designed to make it easier for you to promote, deliver, enhance and optimise your learning. In this post, we take a deeper look at some of Academy’s new features and show how you can use them to get the best results from your learning.


As our recent blog discussed, evaluation is an essential step in the development of your learning, helping you to ensure that your learning is reaching the goals you have set for it and supporting the needs of your learners.

With the April update, Academy now includes two new evaluation features as a part of our Program Wrap-Up feature, allowing you to include Net Promoter Scores and learner-driven Learning Impact Assessments.

With Learning Impact Assessments, your learners have the opportunity to rate how well their experience of the program and the skills they developed aligned with the stated objectives of the learning program, giving you deeper insights into the learning experience your courses are providing and how well they are meeting the needs of your learners.

Similarly, Net Promoter Scores let you see how likely each learner is to recommend the course to others, giving you a useful measure of learners' overall sentiment around your course and an overview of the important word-of-mouth promotion your course may be receiving.April Update Blog3

Zoom Integration:

You now have the ability to set up and track both Zoom meetings and webinars from within Academy, broadening the options available to you when hosting virtual learning sessions.

Having access to both Meetings and Webinars allows you to support your learning with the right kind of activity, depending on the requirements of your learning and the needs of your students or participants.

Zoom webinars are ideal for virtual lectures, bringing large numbers of participants together to hear from one or more tutors, facilitators or subject matter experts, and allowing for participant input/engagement within formats such as structured Q and A sessions.

Meetings allow you to host smaller interactive group sessions, bringing together participants to share knowledge, collaborate on projects and build supportive networks.

With access to Zoom functionality directly within Academy, it’s easier than ever to prepare, deliver and track the live virtual session that’s right for your program.April Update Blog4

Podcasts and Audio Integration

With the April major release, Academy now features an Audio activity type, allowing you to add podcast or audio content to your learning journey, increasing engagement potential and the range of media integration possibilities.

The ability to make use of audio activities opens up a range of possibilities for your learning, enabling you to create more realistic and relevant scenarios, add thought-provoking or reflective content and build more immersive learning experiences.

The ability to include podcast content also opens up opportunities to create material that is easy for the learner to access in a way that suits their schedule, making it easier for busy professionals to engage with their learning.

We discussed some of the ways you can make use of audio and podcast learning in a recent blog - click here for more ideas to help you get the best from your audio content.

These are some of the key new features included in the latest Academy update. For the complete rundown on all of the new features this update adds, you can see our post here.

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