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Adaptive Learning

The most effective learning is personal.

Can you address the personal needs of all of your learners?

For many educators, the process of creating eLearning can be frustrating and difficult. You know that all of your learners have different needs and wants, as well as different styles of learning but digital learning has only ever offered you a one size fits all solution.


Adaptive learning changes that. 


Bridging the gap between traditional classroom learning and digital learning, adaptive learning delivers truly custom experiences to every learner. It offers opportunities to create true personalisation remotely and at scale, regardless of any prior knowledge, skill or abilities. Through the use of feedback, logical rules and even artificial intelligence, adaptive learning ensures your students continue to receive the support and education they deserve.

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Why Adaptive Learning?

Whether it is a micro-credentialled short course, an undergraduate degree or a training course, integrating adaptive learning allows educators to take every person’s learning needs into account, without ever impacting engagement. 

For educators, adaptive learning is key to replicating the classroom experience and offering support for learners at scale, no matter where they are. It helps to create a bond between the student and educator, while also giving unique opportunities for educators to identify learners who could be falling behind.

For learners, adaptive learning helps to create learning that is tailored and relevant to them. This is both in regards to the content of the learning itself, but also through encouraging self paced learning. For topics that the learner understands, they are able to proceed more quickly, while they can linger on areas they are more interested in or need more time to explore.

What makes Guroo Learning the right choice for building adaptive learning?

At their core, all of our solutions revolve around adaptive learning. As an organisation, we believe that adaptive learning is fundamental in the creation of better digital learning, leading to better outcomes and increased engagement. When we partner with clients to create learning, our initial focus is to consider the types of learners we need to cater to, devising unique learner journeys to address personalisation.

Adaptive learning is also built into our software solutions. Our authoring tool PRODUCER is created around the principles of adaptive learning, creating easy ways for any user to create personalised and experiential learning while our learning platform Academy offers in-depth analytics to further understand your learners and optimise their learning.

With our adaptive learning you can


Enjoy personalisation at scale

Deliver unique experiences for all of your learners at once

Improve the student experience

Grow learner engagement with the courses your students want

Support your students

Identify students who may need additional support

Create better learning

Create meaningful digital learning that drives outcomes

Want to learn more about adaptive learning?

We've created this free download to guide you through everything you need to know about adaptive learning. In this download you will learn 



  • The details of adaptive learning and the benefits to learners
  • The five types of adaptive learning and best use cases for each of them
  • How to identify which style of adaptive learning best suits your situation


Who is this download good for?

This guide is good for any educators who are looking to improve their digital learning experiences. Whether you have experience in digital learning or consider yourself a novice, you will receive examples and practical advice to creating personalised learning experiences.

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