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The Learning Canvas

Breakthrough learning solutions start with well defined problems.


Is your learning solving the right problem?

Beginning to create digital learning experiences can be complex. Often organisations have an outcome they want to achieve, but little understanding of what they need to do to get there.


To make matters even worse, traditional digital learning focuses on the knowledge that needs to be shared, rather than focusing on how to engage the learner.


This is why we created our Learning Canvas in PRODUCER. A unique set of scoping tools, it is designed to get your stakeholders aligned to your project goals and focused on learners right from the start.


Using Canvas, you can identify the program goals and map required capabilities, build learner personas and capture requirements and source materials. It is also includes a journey mapping tool and outline and prototype view to help you design out your self-paced and blended learning programs before you jump in and start your detailed authoring.

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Stop wasting time on design workshops without clear outcomes

Based off our PRODUCER PRO feature Canvas, we have created our Learning Canvas toolkit for you to download.


Use this resource to bring focus and alignment to all of your learning design workshops and ensure you get started the best way possible. A unique set of scoping tools, this download is based on robust design thinking principles.

A powerful toolkit to keep your team learner-centred and outcome focused

The Learning Design Canvas is a powerful tool that gets the design team focused on your learners and their outcomes. Use the canvas to identify the program goals and required objectives and capabilities, and build personas to understand your learners and what they need from the program


Who is Learning Canvas  toolkit good for?


This practical toolkit is useful for any organisations who are looking to improve the engagement and effectiveness of their learning. Created for use during learning design workshops, you will have all the materials you need to stay focused and align your stakeholders as you get started.

Your Learning Canvas Toolkit will help you:

  • Understand your customer’s needs and stay focused on these as you develop your learning
  • Align organisation goals to learning objectives and capabilities
  • Build learner-centred personas that are linked to the design
  • Create blended programs and learner journeys
  • Easily share your program design
  • Build confidence that you’re creating the right program for the right people


What is included in your workshop toolkit?

  1. The Learning Canvas Workshop Guide
    Walk you through the elements and process
  2. The Learning Canvas Template.
    Pull all your research together on the day

  3. Learner and Manager Persona Templates.
    Build powerful profiles to drive your design
  4. Before, During and After Empathy Maps.
    Plot growth and change in your learning experience
  5. Journey Mapping Template and Activity Cards.
    Utilise these to make the learner journey easy to plot
  6. Kirkpatrick Model Template.
    Measure the impact and effectiveness of your learning

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Additional Resources

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