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Case Study: UNSW Business School - Super Tax Reforms 2017

The following case study illustrates how we engaged with a subject matter expert to develop engaging eLearning about Superannuation Tax Reforms.


  • Education
  • Finance
  • Law


  • Legislation changes can have a significant impact on business and affect interactions with customers 
  • Sometimes the changes will appear to benefit customers, but can often result in higher or more complicated forms of tax 
  • Understanding the reforms can be a time consuming and overwhelming task 


  • Diploma level financial planners 
  • Financial service professionals 
  • CPA or CA 
  • City-based or regional 
  • In personal wealth management 

Business Goal/s

  • Drive accounting/financial advising business through improved customer interactions 
  • Ensure compliance with legislative changes to superannuation 
  • Offer a complete service to customers 

Learner Persona   

Financial Planner:
  • 40 years old 
  • Diploma level qualification 
  • Has a clear sales focus, and interested in increasing and retaining their customer base 
  • Is risk averse, but also forward looking 

     "I need to understand the changes so that my customers don't have to." 

Learner Actions

  • Completing interactive business scenarios that simulate supporting customers to understand the reforms 
  • Answering scored questions about the reforms 
  • Reflecting on what the changes mean for their own role 

Guroo Producer Case Study Example Screen


Program Structure:

  • eLearning Series - Two 25 minute experiences 

 Required Knowledge: 

  • The new transfer balance cap 
  • Changes to non-concessional and concessional contributions 
  • How tax benefits are increased for the less wealthy and decreased for the more wealthy 
  • When a super fund starts to pay a pension 
  • Identifying how much is in a fund and if it exceeds the $1.6 M cap 
  • Reasons for legislation change, business impact 
  • Understand which parts of super funds and SMSF have changed 


  • Assessed and reflection questions 
  • Digital business scenarios 
  • Videos offering expert guidance on the changes 
  • Offered through Open Learning 

Guroo Producer Case Study Example Screens



  • Fulfills Continuing Professional Development requirements 
  • Used in MBA program at UNSW 


Upon completion of the program, learners are able to: 

  • Ensure the most tax efficient outcomes for their customers 
  • Comply with legislative changes to the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997 that commenced 1 July 2017 – Treasury Laws Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Superannuation) Act 2016 
  • Open conversations with clients to discuss changes 
  • Potentially bring in other business
If you would like to read the whole case study please download it here.
Natalie Harrold
13 February 2018 3 Min Read

Learning programs, whether blended or digital, can only be effective if they are fit-for-purpose. Take a look at our post: How to design the right program every time with the Learning Canvas.


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