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Ashley Inglis joins the Guroo Graduate program

| 1 Min Read

The Guroo graduate program is expanding, as we welcome more participants to the Guroo team. We spoke to new Graduate Learning Designer Ashley Inglis about her thoughts on the program and on joining the Guroo team.

What attracted you to the Guroo Producer Graduate Program?

Guroo Producer’s Grad Program stood out to me as an opportunity to learn about how to make learning engaging. Coming from a background in psychology, this role allows me to combine my skills in researching and writing to create the best outcomes for clients and learners.

How has learning had a positive impact on your life?

Learning has given me so many opportunities and so much joy in my life! I genuine love learning about new topics and different perspectives.

What is your special skill and how does it shape what you do?

My special skill is adapting quickly to different tasks, roles and environments. I love switching between different topics and projects, which allows me to succeed at and enjoy the diverse work we do here at Guroo.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I wake up excited to learn and grow as a person. Also, my cat demanding breakfast!